Farewell, Google Domains

You'll be dearly missed. —

A few days ago Google Domains announced that it was going to be acquired by Squarespace. I’m a former Domains engineer, so the news hit me hard and I’ve felt a deep sadness since the announcement.

Domains was one of Google’s few products that people almost universally loved. It was obviously built by people who truly loved the Internet so essential add-ons like mail forwarding, WHOIS protection, DNS, DNSSEC, and SSL were free. And finding domains was (almost) fun with stellar search results.

Most importantly though, it was run by a group of extremely talented and dedicated engineers. They accepted me into their family when I joined the team. They taught me so much about the business while hand holding me through my starter project while maintaining a staggeringly large web of B2B integrations, regulations, protocols, and important phone numbers that hold the backbone of the Internet together.

To my former teammates: it was an honor working with you all. I’m sorry for your loss. But, I hope you all will take the passion, creativity, and drive with you wherever you end up.