Microscopy photographs, I was only a bio minor so forgive any scientific transgressions. The photos are more for the sake of art anyway and thus are likely missing magnifications and setups.

A dead brine shrimp with iridescent shell.

A composite image of a brine shrimp under low magnification with a polarized filter.

Cells of a purple flower petal with veins highlighted in gold.

A purple flower petal under a low magnification with a polarized filter. Note how the polarization turns the cells that make up the petal’s veins gold.

Composite photo of mint leaf cells.

A mint leaf from my deck garden under medium magnification. This photo is focus stacked so the long cells that make up the vein in the center are in focus.

Also note the stoma which appear all over the surface.

Wavy geometric structures of a waxy leaf.

The surface of a waxy leaf.

Leaf vein structure with fleshy cells removed.

Dried leaf vein structure with the fleshy cells removed. They were stripped with a paint brush and sitting in boiling water with a bit of washing soda dissolved in it. This produces one of the most unpleasant “teas” I’ve ever had the misfortune of smelling.

Cross section of an English ivy stem showing rings of cells, darkfield.

Cross section of (what I believe to be) an invasive English ivy stem.